Infection Control Dept

Manufacturer: Matachana / Spain

MATACHANA Competence Center, located in Barcelona (Spain), handles all technical aspects originated from the customer’s requirements, taking into account its needs with regards to capacity, productivity, effciency and safety, ensuring compliance with local regulations.

Equipped with the latest technologies in planning and designing, our projects’ technical offce studies and puts forward technical solutions for each customer which will subsequently been presented by means of cutting edge 3D technologies.

This results in an installation designed according to specifc needs, supported by a comprehensive technical documentation, to ensure its proper implementation and installation at its fnal destination

MATACHANA integral solutions for sterile processing departments :

  • Washing Station
  • Ultrasonic irrigation bath
  • Automatic washing & disinfection system
  • Steam Sterilizer
  • Low Temperature Sterilizer
  • Packing & Sealing Station
  • Storage Funiture
  • Self-contained chemical and biological material
  • Management system tool