Integrated OP Room

Manufacturer: Danmedics, Kenswick / Germany

We supply completely solution for integrated operation room with high-end material according highest quality standard respond for all requirement about surgery. Including:

– Antibacterial Wall module- SteriPanel® HPL
– Antibacterial Ceiling and Floor                                                     

– Auto sliding door
– Wall Integrated Cabinet                                     

Peripheral Lights LED

Xray Film Viewer

– Multil  Purpose Operation Control Panel

– Medical Monitor

– Pendant  

– OP table & Light

– Integrated IT Solution & Telemedicin System

Integrated operation room solution supply all support needed tools for operation as: DICOM Image from equipment (CT, MRI, PET, Ultrasound, via PACS or from Endoscopic system….), OP room data management (Audio & Video), two way connection between OP room – out side comprehensive response not only for treatment but also for training, cooperation and telemedicine 4.0 generation