About Med Providex


MED PROVIDEX VIETNAM COMPANY., LTD (Medprodex) doing business about Medical Equipment & Advanced Hospital Solution as:

– Integrated Operation Room
– Integrated CSSD solution
– Medical Gas System
– Clean Air System / Clean Room
– Inteligent Nurse Call System
– Advanced Imaging Diagnostic Technology

We understand that the Medical Device business is a special industry, it is beyond the scope of economy and normal business, it really has a direct impact on human health and life. Therefore, from early days of establishment, with the development of the 4.0 industrial era, the management of Medprodex has determined the business is to provide advanced, quality integrated solutions, put the quality of technical support services on top priority. We offer a wide selection of products with advanced technology solutions to suit the financial capabilities and needs of each Hospital.


At Med Providex Vietnam, our staff is always proactive, creative, modern thinking, ready to adapt to the continuous changes of the business environment but always stick with the Magnify activities right from the early days of establishment. With the leadership of the company management, Medprodex’s team is always proud of its own